• McMaze Farm, Sleigh & Wagon Ride

Tips for Your Visit

McMaze strives to provide you with an agri-fun and educational experience. We also make every effort to ensure a safe environment for our guests. To help maximize your experience, we have included some information below to assist you in preparing for your visit.

Length of Stay

You are welcome to stay with us as long as you like. The average length of stay is 3 hours, with many families spending the entire day with us. We recommend you choose your length of your stay based on your family’s or group’s needs.

What to Wear

McMaze is an outdoor event. Therefore, it is necessary to dress for the appropriate weather conditions. For example, be sure to bring hats or visors, sun screen, etc. during hot weather, rubber boots during or right after really wet weather and warm jackets, mitts and touques during cool weather. Always wear sturdy footwear.


During your visit you may come in contact with animals, pollen, dust, and insects such as mosquitoes and bees. Although there is nothing out of the ordinary that you couldn't come in to contact anywhere else, we do suggest that each individual bring their own allergy medications, EpiPens etc. that are necessary.

Shelter and Shade

We have a large building on site for guests to get out of the elements (sun on a hot day or periods of rain or wind during your stay). Please note that there is no air conditioning on our farm as we use the breezes from nature only.

Food and Beverages

We have a wide variety of food and beverages available at our Canteen. Groups are also welcome to bring their own food.